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3h 58m
Character Information
Name: Senzu Machine
Sex: female
Marital status: single
Profession: Dende Reborn
Level: 508
Magic Level: 125
Residence: Small City
Unnamed House #53 (Small City)
Guild membership: Soldado of the Umbrella Academy
Last login: Apr 17 2019, 13:11:13 CEST
Created: Apr 07 2019, 23:37:38 CEST
Account Status: Premium Account

fist fighting 72
club fighting 10
sword fighting 10
axe fighting 10
distance fighting 82
shielding 10
fishing 10

Character Deaths
10 Apr 2019, 10:02 Died at level 510 by Lord Freeza, by Wind Elemental, by Water Saibamen, by Ice Elemental, by Poison Fly and by Assassin.
10 Apr 2019, 10:00 Died at level 516 by Lord Freeza, by Wind Elemental, by Water Saibamen and by Ice Elemental.
10 Apr 2019, 09:59 Died at level 521 by Lord Freeza, by Water Saibamen, by Ice Elemental and by Wind Elemental.
10 Apr 2019, 09:57 Died at level 527 by Lord Freeza, by Ice Elemental and by Water Saibamen.
10 Apr 2019, 09:52 Killed at level 533 by Dendexx, by Paraae and by Kamereca.
10 Apr 2019, 02:15 Died at level 519 by Super Paikuhan and by Paikuhan.
8 Apr 2019, 19:38 Killed at level 304 by Dendexx and by Lula Livre.
8 Apr 2019, 18:32 Died at level 258 by Golden Oozaru, by Lula Livre, by Khaoz Hard, by Baby and by Baby Oozaru.
8 Apr 2019, 18:25 Killed at level 260 by Lula Livre and by Tsuful Royal Guardian.
8 Apr 2019, 16:24 Died at level 401 by Frontal Cyborg.
Signature for player Senzu Machine
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Account Information
Created: 7 April 2019, 11:36 pm

Name Level Status  
1. Senzu Machine 508 Dende Reborn

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